I’d like to say that over here at Jellyvision, the Data Team is 100% focused on making our decisions solely based on good data. That we use our finely honed detective skills and exhaustive data sets to arrive at well-reasoned conclusions, all backed by hard evidence.

But, alas, this is not true. Case and point:

Second WheelEvery day, noonish, a stomach rumbles. Someone realizes they’ve drunk too much coffee.

A hand reaches out, the spinner spins… and randomness steals the day once again.

Gentlepeople, I give you, The Wheel of Food. An engineer’s last refuge from hunger and indecision. Just spin the wheel and let fate decide. Falafel? Pizza? Bagel? Bag of chips from the gas station? Is it beer o’clock?

Only once has a restaurant disappointed us badly enough to be removed from the wheel (that destination will not be revealed here). It was replaced by “Spin Again.”

Some days the decision gets (map)reduced down to just two options: Whole Foods or Mariano’s? (Note: An entire blog post could be written about the battle between these two grocery chains, and Jellyvision employees have LOTS of opinions on which is preferable, but I won’t get into that here, especially now that Alexa is watching…)

So what does this tell us about the Data Team? We spend all day working on developing pipelines, mining data for good KPIs, and developing dashboards and other tools for internal and external customers to consume that data. Yet, when it comes time to feed our bodies, we leave it up to the gods of the primordial void to decide what we will consume.

And now, after all this exhausting analysis, my stomach is rumbling. Time to take a spin on the wheel…

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