What’s it like to work at Jellyvision? This is probably the single most frequent question I receive when I meet new people at various tech gatherings around Chicago. Jellyvision has garnered a reputation as one of the best companies to work for in the rapidly expanding tech space that is Chicago. But there still seems a bit of mystery about why exactly that is.

On June 8, our very own engineering manager Steven Young presented on this topic to a group of CodingDojo students and staff. CodingDojo is a development bootcamp here in Chicago full of talented and eager emerging engineers, making it the perfect audience for such a presentation.


Here are some highlights from Steven’s presentation:



At Jellyvision, we are the masters of our own destinies, so to speak. Our schedules are ours to manage with the overarching goal of keeping meetings limited while still remaining accessible to our colleagues.


One key goal at Jellyvision is easing inter-team dependencies and breaking down barriers to that goal. As we move towards a more SaaS-based product offering, the need to build up cross-functional teams becomes essential. To do this we tend to favor a mentoring approach to a peer programming one.


As an engineering organization, we endeavor to produce high-quality / intuitive solutions. To carry this out, we use many of the tech ecosystem’s best standards and practices. These include code reviews, extensive testing paradigms, CI/CD pipelines, a rigorous QA process, documentation, and various other processes. In addition, Jellyvision is actively working toward HIPAA compliance.


What is expected of a Jellyvisioneer, you might be wondering? To put it simply… (passion + thoughtfulness + support) * empathy = a truly inspiring outcome. While we are afforded a significant amount of autonomy here at Jellyvision, we are very much supported in ways that will allow us to make the largest impact. For instance, we are encouraged to find ways to continually improve our skill sets through training and research. In addition, Jellyvision has made it a priority to help employees reach our career goals, whatever those are.


At Jellyvision we leverage a plethora of tools / products / processes to organize and accomplish our work. The list includes, but is by no means limited to, Git, JIRA + Kanban / Scrum, various languages, and frameworks. We are empowered to utilize a pragmatic approach when choosing the tooling that best fits the needs of a given project while supporting the higher-level business goals.

Q + A

As with many presentations, Steven ended with a Q&A session. Some of these questions and answers were as follows:

What is the interview process like?

  • a short phone interview
  • a take-home “audition” which varies by team but generally includes some of the tasks that align with the desired role
  • an in-person interview w/ various teams including the candidate’s potential one

How often do we deploy?

  • It currently varies by team/product.
  • We’re working toward a more frequent release process leveraging our CI/CD pipelines.

How often do HIPAA requirements impact our daily work?

  • The near-term need for HIPAA compliance is driven mainly by our recent acquisition of a company called FlexMinder, which helps derive intelligence and integration into the payment side of employee benefits.
  • Ultimately, additional services will require HIPAA compliance.

Aside from tech skills, what else does Jellyvision look for?

  • Bring your personality to Jellyvision!

If a candidate doesn’t know the answer to a question, what should they do?

  • Admit to not knowing the answer, but offer some suggestions on how you might work to learn the answer.

Why is Jellyvision the best place to work?

  • Our outside lives are supported and even encouraged.
  • Leadership follows through and acts on feedback from employees.
  • We are treated like human beings!


As a spectator of this presentation, I can say that what impressed me most was the enthusiasm and engagement of the audience. The amount of raw talent and interest in tech fields at bootcamps like CodingDojo is not only encouraging but also inspiring. I look forward, as I know we all do at Jellyvision, to working with as many of these up-and-coming engineers as possible.