When CEO Amanda Lannert recently thought about articulating Jellyvision’s mission to the company, she instead challenged every employee to embody the mantra “Be Helpful”. In thinking about how to describe Jellyvision engineering and what makes it special, it can be distilled down to what it means to “Build Helpful”.

Jellyvision engineering is a bit tricky to describe because for the most part we don’t build Jellyvision’s products. Instead we build systems, tools, frameworks, and authoring tools that empower creative folks and subject matter experts to author, publish, and analyze interactive conversations.  Our work allows large groups of those people to focus on delivering to our customers and users delightful and helpful software that can change lives. And what’s more helpful than that?

p.s. Jellyvision engineers also spend an inordinate amount of time playing a game we call “giphy roulette” on Slack. Here’s what giphy came up with for “Jellyvision Engineering”:


Jellyvision Engineering (according to Giphy)

“Jellyvision Engineering” (according to Giphy)


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